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Battling insomnia, Roy Cawl spends his sleepless nights watching the comings and goings of his reclusive neighbor, Mr. Robb. Convinced that he’s hiding something, Roy breaks into Mr. Robb’s house where he discovers a cache of photographs…photos of places he’s never been...with people he’s never met. But when Mr. Robb is found dead, Roy is the primary suspect, catapulting him into a race against time to unravel the mystery of his true identity and to prove his innocence.

“We were very interested in the intersection of documentary and narrative filmmaking,” says director David Altrogge, “We wanted to push the sci-fi genre as far into the realm of gritty reality as possible.” To accomplish this, the filmmakers decided that the entire film would be improvised, working from a barebones outline instead of a traditional script. None of the actors were told anything about the story. All they were given was their character backstories. “We just began throwing them into situations,” says Altrogge, “they had no idea where we were going. They just gave it their all and brought some incredibly gritty and naturalistic performances.”

The Filmmakers

TWIN REFLEX is a film by the storytellers of Vinegar Hill. Vinegar Hill is a community of filmmakers who share a love for simple stories told well. Check out for more on the storytellers.

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